There are more and more apps to make your life easier during your holidays. It’s important to sort and know which ones are essentials for a perfect trip


Hotel Tonight

Leaving on a whim ? Try Hotel Tonight ! With this app you will find a really interesting fare for your room.



Plane tickets’ fares can change a lot ! Actually, the fare can go down on week days, mornings, winter… To know when to book just use Hopper.


Travel Math

A trip can be a nightmare to organize ! Going city to city is a good way to enjoy the country you’re visiting. Travel Math app is usefull to calculate the distance between cities, the travel time, the budget…



Having all the maps you need with you at all times? It’s now possible and even without Wi-Fi ! Get CityMaps2Go. Even if you’re offline, you can always find your way.



Who says holidays, says flights, hotels, restaurants, rentings… Do you know that you can all manage that with just one app ? Tripit !


Before going on holidays, don’t forget to get your travel money in our ICE offices