The 129th edition of the Wimbledon tennis championship will take place from 29 June to 12 July! Planning to go? This article will help you organize the best possible way.

Where to get tickets for Wimbledon?

- The Queue: You have to earn it to attend a match of Wimbledon! Tournament organizers reserve some 500 seats that are sold at the counters of Wimbledon for early birds.

- The Ticket Resale Kiosk: Spectators leaving Wimbledon during the day are invited to give back their tickets at the exit of the stadium. These tickets are then put up for sale at ridiculous price of 5 pounds. In addition to make you happy, you will also do a good deed, since the profits are donated to charity.

- Resale market tickets on the Internet:

Several websites offer tickets for the tournament, however, be careful to unserious sites offering tickets overpriced often based abroad.

How to get there?

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is held in the neighbourhood of the same name in the south of London. The transport links are convenient, take underground District Line to Southfields and a shuttle service to reach the courts.

London Tube Map


Since 2006 Wimbledon even has its museum. Admire the antique trophies, unpublished photos and evolution of fashion on grass between two games.

Wimbledon Museum

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