What if 2016 was the year of travel? Enjoy this new year to take up and visit Ecuador! To arrange your departure, nothing more simple, visit our online purchasing platform and buy your dollars, the currency used in Ecuador!

Here are three unmissable places.

1. The Amazon
As wild as the Brazilian Amazon, the Ecuadorian Amazon would even proportionally richer: monkeys, tapirs, parrots, butterflies, caimans, anacondas ... You may even get the chance to meet some of the 3% of the Ecuadorian population who lives there.

2. The Chimborazo
With its 6310 meters, the Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the country! Its top is covered with snow all year round and is none other than the far top center of the Earth. If you are fortunate and especially have the courage to do so, the ascent of Chimborazo is obviously fascinating!

3. The laguna Quilotoa
Laguna Quilotoa, a large volcanic crater filled with turquoise water, is of rare beauty. The area of ​​this crater is one of the wildest regions of Ecuador. You will have the opportunity to experience a real culture of patchwork across the mountains!