Tired to arrive well before the departure of your flight ? To be tight when seated ? Enough to pay a baggage extra charge ? Do you think about going on holiday by boat ? Here are 5 good reasons to get you decide:

1. Space for all : You won't have to endure sitting on top of each other or to have the neighbor knees in your back. You can also come and go as you please throughout the trip!

2. Free Luggage: There is no additional charge for luggage. You can charge whatever you want in your car. Take all that is necessary for children, toys, golf clubs, bicycles and even your favorite pillow.

3. Be free: Traveling with your car, you can explore the country at your leisure. No need to visit the sights in crowded bus. You can visit all that will make you happy without coercion!

4. No long check-in : Arrive just 60 minutes before departure and boarding will be immediate. In addition, you will not have unpleasant surprises with the price you paid.

5. Your whole family goes on vacation : Why not take your dog ? Take him, he can travel in a kennel on board.

Before taking off, remember to get your travle money in one of our ICE offices in France.