Whether it's a Wild West town reconstructed, a replica volcano or the oldest amusement park, Europe is full of unusual theme parks that we know very little.


Area 47, Austria

The Area 47 is a huge outdoor adventure park on the river in the Ötz Valley. Offering visitors an impressive range of activities, you can take lessons for rope hanging under a bridge, rock climbing or canyoning.


High Chaparral in Sweden

Founded by Big Bengt, High Chaparral is a theme park with a border town with a steam train passing through it. Imaging yourself in front of a good western you will arise when shootings, explosions and other extras.


Bakken, Denmark

Did you know that Bakken is the world's oldest amusement park? Few people know! Only 10 minutes from Copenhagen, Bakken is a charming historic park founded in 1583. You will thrill with the classic Coaster Rutschebanen built in 1932 and can walk in a big park and relaxing with family.


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