Going on holiday can be a luxury if you are not a wise traveler. Here are some tips to discover new horizons without necessarily being broke!

1. Create your alerts

With alerts on travel sites and hotel chains, you will be kept informed about promotions and upcoming events. Most tourism companies have their own newsletters to keep them connected with their loyal customers by promoting exclusive discounts and custom made offers.

2. Use the promotion of sites

Hotels and tour operators often turn to websites like GrouponVoyage Privé or My Travel Chic to attract new customers. By creating accounts on such sites, you'll get access to discounts. Be careful though to read everything of these deals often very tempting.

3. Go out of season

The trips are often in waves. So if you can, try not to book your trip at the same time as the others. Indeed, travel off-season can be very advantageous! For example, before or after the summer holiday in June or September.

4. Be Flexible

There is often the last minute deals, so why not let chance choose your destination for you? For travel on a whim, go for example on the site or Last Minute


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