England is not only big cities, shops and famous monuments! Its archipelago has more than 6,000 islands. Among them, some are a must!


Barra Island

You will have the opportunity to ride a bike there to Tangasdale beach, sun and deserted beach are waiting for you. The coastline is perfect for kayaking and other outdoor sports, with local companies that offer guided tours. Take a look at Kisimul medieval castle and get access to stunning views.



Discover Lundy is like stepping back in time. The only way to move on the island? By walking! You will see many species of animals during your walks. The houses are atypical and are often not equipped with television, radio or phone .. When you are told that you will be dealing with the past!


Papa Westray


Papa Westray is a small island in the north of the Orkneys, where you can access by ferry or plane. This means of transport will allow you to discover the beauty of this place. Once there you will no doubt affected by the friendliness of the people. Do not be surprised if you are the only visitors during your stay ... But rather, enjoy!


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