A trip takes planning ! Here are some tips to avoid suffering jet lag and stress before departure and during your trip.

Before you leave

- If you have to leave for a long time, anticipate your trip! Shift progressively your meal times and nights according to the time schedules of your arrival's place. 

- If, however, you leave for a short time, do not change your habits. Your biological clock would not have time to adapt then you will already leave.

- The day before departure, have a rich meal in carbohydrates such as pasta. They will allow your brain to promote sleep.

- To avoid stress, prepare your travel documents and passport. To be zen leave with enough travel money.

During the flight

- To take care of your body clock, moisturize. Unlike water, avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

- The food served in airplanes is offered at mealtimes place of departure. In order not to disrupt your body, it's best to avoid these times but rather eat on time of your destination.

- Proteins help you stay awake during the day! Make a full meal of them the day after your arrival.

- Do not forget your sneakers! In many hotels, you have access to a gym, a training session 30 minutes every day will help you get to sleep at night.

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