On parle de jet-lag quand on traverse plus de trois fuseaux horaires en une fois. Alors pour minimiser les troubles du sommeil, la mauvaise humeur à l’arrivée et tout ce qui pourrait gâcher vos vacances voici quelques conseils.


We talk about jet lag when crossing over three time zones at once. So to minimize sleep disorders, bad mood on arrival and all that could ruin your holiday here are some tips.


1. East-West or West-East?

It’s important to know if your plane is going from East to West or, conversely, from West to East.

With a trip to the West, go to bed an hour or two later. Conversely if you go to the East.

2. A journey of less than 3 days? Do not change a thing!

Wear two watches, change the time on your mobile but not on your watch ... Whatever your technique, try to stay connected as much as possible to your habits.

If you can, rest up during the flight. Ask for a mask, bring the earplugs, etc.

3. Drink water!

During the flight, it’s especially important to drink plenty of water to fight against the very dry air that flows on the plane. On some flights, the alcohol is free but avoid it at all costs, it promotes dehydration. It also avoids at all costs, drinks with caffeine like sodas, coffee or tea especially if you arrive at night.

4. Eat little or light

Luckily, unless travelling business, meal trays served on airplanes are never very good ... So eat as little as possible and prefer foods high in carbohydrates (bread, cereal, rice, pasta. ..)

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