During our travels, for our consciousness, we like to go to museums and sometimes wait for hours to get in and regret it.... How about associating museum and entertainment ? Here are 3 original museums that will surprise you !

Handbag Museum , Amsterdam

This museum traces the history of the handbag from the Middle Ages to nowadays. It includes a collection of over 5,000 scholarships, purses, reticules, purses and suitcases; making it the largest museum in the world of handbags. Located in a large and beautiful house, the museum was created from the personal collection of Hendrikje Ivo, who collected bags for nearly 35 years.

Tassen Museum

Caricature Museum, Warsaw

Founded by Eryk Lipinski, a Polish journalist, cartoonist and satirist, the Caricature Museum is the funniest Warsaw museum exhibiting the art of caricature and satirical drawing. In a small site with over 20,000 pieces, the museum provides an overview of the taste, humor and graphic styles designers from the 17th century until today. Due to the limited space in the Orangerie of the 18th century, there is no permanent exhibition, but the collection is regularly revised.

Eryk Lipiński Museum of Caricature

The DesignPanoptikum, Berlin

The DesignPanoptikum is much more than a museum, a work of art. Also known as the Museum für Objekte skurrile (or Museum of extravagance), it encourages visitors to let their creativity and imagination go. At a time when everything can be transcribed on paper or on a computer, the visitor must place at the artwork and interpret it for himself. But what exactly the DesignPanoptikum? This is an exhibition of objects from everyday life the last 150 years, represented an unusual way and distorted. 

Designpanoptikum - surreales Museum für industrielle Objekte

Before going to give free rein to your imagination, remember to get your travel money in the nearest office !