You dream of traveling a country at your own pace: the roadtrip is probably the best way to travel: no schedule, no crowded transport, no constraint, freedom!!

Colorado is the ideal place to do a roadtrip, and there are no less than 25 scenic roads, 10 of which have been designated as National Heritage.

The landscapes and the western atmosphere of this state are breathtaking: dunes, forests, lakes, canyons and of course the famous Rocky Mountains.


For the highlights of your road trip, go through Denver, capital of the state, with its exceptional cachet.

Also visit the park of Mesa Verde, classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco and its former houses dug in the rock of the Amerindian era.

Finally go through the park of Great Sand Dunes, for its impressive dunes.

On these routes you will also cross many vineyards. Stop by to explore the Grand Junction area.


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