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Located 406 miles from Los Angeles, San Francisco is the exact opposite! Mix of populations, colors and cultures, the city shines since the 60s by its tolerance and diversity. It remains a rich and bobo city holding many surprises!


- Official name: City and County of San Francisco

- More than 850 000 inhabitants

- More than 7 million people live in the metropolitan area of ​​La Baie

- Third tourist destination in the United States

- Fourth metropolis of the United States by population

- Mediterranean climate

- Pleasant in summer for its climate and its singular fog. Charming in winter for its authentic side and calm.


3 unmissable




This is THE most famous prison of the United States! Nicknamed "The Rock" was the most feared prison, criminals and especially that which one does not escape. It acquired its letters of nobility in 1934 when it hosted the public enemy number one, Al Capone "Scarface". Since 1973, it now became a popular museum for tourists.



Legendary district of San Francisco where germinated very many cultural movements in the 60s, such as hippies, skinheads and raves. Although the hippy spirit has disappeared Haight-Ashbury  remains a vital part of the city with little affordable restaurants, cafes, clothing and record shops.


The Golden Gate Bridge


Most famous suspension bridges in the world, it was built in less than 5 years and commissioned in 1937! Along 2789 meters, it can connect San Francisco to Marin County, north.