On February the 19th, Asia will leave the year of the horse to enter the goat! As every year, many cities around the world will celebrate as it should this event beyond the borders of Asia.


In Asia and the world, the Chinese community, Japanese, Vietnamese or Nepalese celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In Paris: The Third, Fourth, XIII districts and Belleville neighborhood are organizing festivities on February the 21st and 22nd, but also in the suburbs of Lyon, Chambery and Quimper ...


This new year is the beginning of the Chinese calendar and the spring festival: this year Thursday, February the 19th. It is also the first day of the lunar calendar. The festivities last no less than 15 days, ending with the beautiful lantern festival.


Asian see the big picture to celebrate the new year. Traditional meals and festivities are accompanied by very specific customs as homage to deities home decorations, paper greeting exchanges garlands firecracker or bell sounds. What a treat!

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