Capital: Bridgetownf

Currency: US Dollar & Barbados Dollar. Book your travel money on our online buying platform and recover your purchase in one of our ICE offices.

Population: 290,604 inhabitants

Languages: English (official), Bajan.

Climate: With over 3000 hours of sunshine a year, you can count on 8-9 hours of sunshine daily regardless the time of the year! Throughout the year, you will find temperatures between 21 and 31 degrees....


Not to miss:


The island capital seems british... You can as well party and  visit beautiful monuments marked by the colonial past of the island.


This typical fishermen village will give you a beautiful experience and some wonderful evenings. Quiet during the day, it wakes up at night with games of dominoes and fried fish ...


Fourth largest city of the island with 1521 inhabitants, Bathsheba is a surfer's paradise! Located on the east coast of the island, the beach is one of the finest in the country.