Capital: Muscat


Currency: Omani rial and dollar us. Book your travel money on our online buying platform before you retrieve them in the nearest ICE exchange office!


Population: 3.2 million


Climate: Oman is divided into two climatic zones: in the north and east, the climate is Mediterranean, while the south and west enjoy a tropical influence with the arrival of monsoons between June and September. The center of the country the desert climate predominates. The best time to visit the Sultanate of Oman is from late October to early April when temperatures are around 30 ° C and cool nights.


Accommodation: The Sultanate is not an economic destination for the accommodation part. Indeed, hotel nights can be expensive. For adventurers and campers it is possible to plant the tent anywhere in Oman except in nature reserves. You will have to ask the inhabitants of the villages permission to plant your tent to be able to do it.


When to go: From the end of October to the beginning of April


Sites not to be missed:

- Muscat: the capital in which you can visit the Sultan's Palace, the Franco-Omanese Museum, the Souk de Mouttrah or the traditional fish market

- Ras al-Jinz: In the eastern part of the peninsula, on this magnificent beach, you can admire some 30,000 green turtles.

- Nizwa: Capital of the 6th and 7th centuries, remains a cultural, artistic and religious center, this city full of charm will seduce you with its old mosque and its souk