Capital: San Juan (2.5 million inhabitants)


Currency: US dollar. Buy your currency on our online buying platform before recovering your travel money in one of our offices!


Population: 3,474,182 inhabitants


Climate: tropical climate with sea influences. Puerto Rico’s climate is marked by relatively stable temperatures oscillating between 25 and 31 ° C on the coast.


When to go: Winter is the driest period, the months from January to March are best for this destination because it’s the dry season. It can get very hot during the day.


Budget: As in the US, sales tax is applied to all products. It is 5.5%, but may be increased to 7% in some municipalities. For everything related to the accommodation, the fee is in turn fixed to 9%.


Not to miss:

San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico is a modern metropolis, it’s experiencing significant commercial activity. Its historic center renowned for its colonial architecture contrasts with its waterfront lined with skyscrapers.


El Yunque

Take the time to hike through the rainforest. Undoubtedly this activity procured you a feeling of well-being and personal satisfaction...


Rio Camuy Cave Park

Paradise cavers, the region northeast of Puerto Rico, will offer more than 200 caves some the size of a skyscraper...