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A map with landmarks

ICE is one of the largest foreign exchange bureaux in the world. In France, you will find 16 exchange offices near the train stations, airports or downtown. Whether you are departing from Paris or from the province you will easily find an ICE agency near you...

Une route dans les montagnes du Colorado aux Etats Unis.

You dream of traveling a country at your own pace: the roadtrip is probably the best way to travel: no schedule, no crowded transport, no constraint, freedom!! Colorado is the ideal place to do a roadtrip, and there are no less than 25 scenic roads, 10 of...

The great mosque of Muscat, capital of the Sultanate of OmanAlias d’URL

Capital: Muscat   Currency: Omani rial and dollar us. Book your travel money on our online buying platform before you retrieve them in the nearest ICE exchange office!   Population: 3.2 million   Climate: Oman is divided into two climatic zones: in the...

A sunset in paris

You come to Paris to discover the French capital, its monuments, its museums, its restaurants and its timeless charm. You leave from the capital to an exotic destination. Find the exchange office in Paris closest to your place of arrival or departure. Do you...

The view of a sunset over the old town of San Juan

Body San Juan The Puerto Rican capital is the oldest city in the country! It is an economic engine but not only ... Indeed, you will find a heart of historic city and full of charm. Moreover, you admire an original contrast between the old town and the...

Sales on Oxford street in Londres for Boxing Day

In most major London stores, sales begin immediately after Christmas, for Boxing Day (December 26th). Oh yes, just after Christmas and until mid-January, you will be able to enjoy exceptional offers!   Get organized   Public transport services are limited...

The view of a sunset through Palms in Palm Springs

The snow may be falling in some places in the United States, but the country is so vast that there are beaches and deserts that offer warm climates and will allow you to escape the cold of winter. Want to enjoy the outdoors this winter? Here are three...

A view of Nantes and the Loire.

17 ICE exchange offices exist in France, one of them is certainly close to your place of departure. Are you going away from Nantes? Find our ICE France exchange office in the heart of the airport: Nantes Atlantique Airport   You arrive to discover the city...

London's Black Friday shopping street

If like many French, you are addicted to shopping, there is a day that you must not miss: Black Friday!   This growing event can be likened to additional balances offering you unbeatable discounts on ... Anything that you want. Whether on clothing, appliances...

The sight of a sunset in the Irish countryside

Leave for a few days for Ireland ... The Irish are waiting with open arms, they naturally cultivate the pleasure of hospitality. This country full of history, once very conservative, in recent years has eased keeping still strong values ​​and contrasts.  ...

A Sunset on Ocean Drive in Miami

You want to extend your vacation this fall? The summer is not enough and you want to discover new horizons ? Do not hesitate and discover towns full of surprises.   Miami This mythical city is the capital of sun and relaxation! With its sub tropical climate...

The Charles-De-Gaulle place in Lille

With 17 exchange offices in France, your travel money to discover the world has never been easier to get! Going abroad for northern France and especially from Lille? Find our ICE France office in the heart of the city, in the train station: Lille Railway...

A sunset in Barbados

Capital: Bridgetownf Currency: US Dollar & Barbados Dollar. Book your travel money on our online buying platform and recover your purchase in one of our ICE offices. Population: 290,604 inhabitants Languages: English (official), Bajan. Climate: With...

A sunset from a cliff in the heart of Texas

Capital: Austin Currency: US dollar. Before going away, book your travel money on our online buying platform and recover your purchase in one of our ICE offices. Population: 25,145,561 inhabitants Nickname: Lone Star State Area: 696,241 km² Date of entry...

Through NightSwapping, you will travel differently! Based on a principle of exchange and sharing, this app is a real travel community that allows you to spend nights in the world without any transaction. The principle is simple: - You create your trip with...

The sight of a coast of Puerto Rico

Capital: San Juan (2.5 million inhabitants)   Currency: US dollar. Buy your currency on our online buying platform before recovering your travel money in one of our offices!   Population: 3,474,182 inhabitants   Climate: tropical climate with sea...

A sunset view of a lake in Canada

Capital: Ottawa Ottario   Currency: Dollar and Canadian Dollar. Buy your travel money on our online buying platform before recovering it in the nearest ICE office!   Population: 36 million inhabitants   Climate: There are three major areas in Canada....

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York

What if discovering New York and especially Brooklyn otherwise? Indeed, this area has lots of great surprises!   Watch a top film on a Roofftop Until August 22nd, the Rooftop Films offers lovers of the seventh art to come on Brooklyn rooftops for a movie...

A family on the beach during the sunset

With 16 ICE exchange offices in France, where to change money before leaving on vacation is no longer a problem! Indeed, you depart from Paris or province you can choose your currency exchange office near you! Find below the list of 16 ICE exchange offices in...

Le logo d’Elstarecon Évènements

By offering 4 different services, all the team of Elstarecon Évènements et Conseils is at your service for your international or french event:   Works council? Elstarecon E&C handles everything offering a leisure stay, including transportation,...

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