Capital: Ottawa Ottario


Currency: Dollar and Canadian Dollar. Buy your travel money on our online buying platform before recovering it in the nearest ICE office!


Population: 36 million inhabitants


Climate: There are three major areas in Canada. Pacific Coast with a soft and humid microclimate. Lakes allow you to refresh if it's too hot. The Rocky Mountain region has an alpine climate so rather dry and cold. You will find good weather in July and August. While in Quebec, you will have a great summer with cool evenings!


Accommodation: Be careful in summer it is almost essential to book ... The demand is so strong! For holidays more rustic and atypical, consider camping. Canada is one of the countries best organized in the world for camping.


When to go: June to September, or December to February


Sites not to miss:

- Moraine Lake: Located in Banff National Park, this lake with turquoise waters and bordered by rocky buildings you will see all the colors.

- Athabasca Glacier: This is the most coveted attraction of the Glacier route, for the more adventurous, outstanding hiking awaits you.

- Bruce Peninsula National Park: Nature is so well preserved that white pebble beaches, caves and crystal clear waters will make you live a strong moment of emotion...