San Juan

The Puerto Rican capital is the oldest city in the country! It is an economic engine but not only ... Indeed, you will find a heart of historic city and full of charm. Moreover, you admire an original contrast between the old town and the skyscrapers.


Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Center

This center is dedicated to the culture and history of the Tainos; This Amerindian ethnic group. This Amerindian site consists in a museum and a reconstituted village.


Island of Vieques

This island offers many surprises! You will be able to admire the wild horses, colonial vestiges, a beach of black sand but also a bay bioluminescente...



Located between Mayagüez and Jayuya, this rural area is completely unexplored ... It is also a stage of the Ruta Panoramica; A hike through the Central Cordillera.


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